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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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what did you tell shaun hiles? i told him that he needed to stop. did he leave? he did." did." tom shoup runs the country store where nicole worked and described an encounter with shaun where he twice paid for $40 of gas with $100 bills." bills." "he said i'm the happiest man in the world. i said what did you do? win the lottery? he said, no i'm getting divorced. he said i got my big truck, i got my pickup truck. she's got a nice car. we got a boat. i'm the happiest man there is. he said, i'm getting it all." all."the day of the murders, shoup said something else strange happened to nicole's car. car. "the car was setting over by the dumpster and that all four door handles ripped out of the door like they'd been pulled out." out."amy field recalled shaun bragging about that at garrett's place in walton. walton. "he was shooting pool. he had
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talking about pulling the car handles off of her car earlier that day. pulling the car handles off of a car of who? of his wife? nicole. yes," yes,"it was larry whiteker who helped fix the car and was giving nicole a ride home when they were both killed. "the defense is expected to begin its case thursday. defense attorney darrell cox tells me he doesn't know if he will put his client on the witness stand. tom mckee, nine on your side, live in williamstown." it's a story that breaks your heart. a dad mistakenly shoots and kills his 14-year-old son because he thought he was an intruder. intruder. 9 on your side learned today the father of *geortay mack* will not face charges. the man says his son sneaked back into the basement to skip school. the father says he thought his son was a robber. he says
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shouted "boo." hamilton county prosecutors call this a tragic mistake - but not a crime. 7:40:43 - 7:40:57"it's really a tragic situation. i don't know how you lose your son and know it was done because of a mistake you made, whether you were startled or whatever. it's still something that's gonna be with him for the rest of his life." life."prosecutor deters says it's a lesson for anyone with a gun in their home to get all the training you can so these types of mistakes don't happen to you. we hope you already bought you powerball ticket.lines are forming at tri-state stores. just about everyone - going for the one and a half billion dollar prize. 9 on your side's john genovese is live with all the billion dollar dreamers.he has what you need to know if you want to win .. john? first off -- the chances are slim. you have about a 1 in
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but if you do -- you're set for life. and your kids and their kids probably will be as well. we got out here about an hour ago... and so far... every person passing through the doors has been picking up a ticket. this store is actually planning to bring in extra staff tonight to handle the rush. so here's what you need to know--ticket sales are cut off at 10-o-clock. remember -- in most places -- you have to pay with cash. 2 bucks a ticket... and for the jackpot... you gotta match the first five numbers in any order and the powerball. before taxes -- you can either choose to take that 1-point-5 billion over 30 years... or a lump sum of 930-million. we asked a few people what they would do with all those riches. (sot :15)karen hebel / powerball hopeful "quit work and take care of all my kids - get em houses, cars"mike stephens / powerball hopeful"i have some good causes i'd give some to and then take care of the family (you'd treat yourself to something too though, right?) yeah i would - i'd buy me a new car (what
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probably get a lot of porsches. ad lib. drawing 10:59. john gen 9oys so many of us want to be the winner of tonight's drawing - but there's a chance no one will win the billion. a lottery executive explains what will happen if no one picks the right numbers... numbers...:10 - :17"we'll look carefully at where sales ended up last night and where sales are through early this morning and then make that determination" determination"more than two-point-five billion dollars worth of tickets have been sold since the last time someone won the jackpot. 9 on your side is only place you will see the live powerball drawing.join us for 9 on your side at 11 - and have your tickets in hand. if you're afraid you'll forget, sign up for our push alerts and you'll get a reminder right before the drawing!
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breaking news in west chester. that's where an 18-year-old was happened about 90 minutes ago at a home on north pisgah drive.the teen was taken to west chester hospital... then flown by medical helicopter to u-c medical center.there is a suspect police are looking for, it's an 18 or 19 year old man... who drove off in a dark blue mazda sedan. 9 on your side is there! and we are working to bring you new information as soon as possible. she's accused of killing a grandfather and his 18- month-old twin grandchildren. today jessica hood pleaded not guilty to three counts of manslaughter and assault... she's accused of crashing into charles napier, and the young twins in florence back in march.hood's attorney says this was an accident. he says there's no evidence that hood was under the influence ... texting or distracted in any other way. 09:18:26 - 09:18:38 "this is out of character for her ... trying to deal with this ...
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to deal with this criminal stuff, and we intend to do that." that."this was hood's first time in court. 9 on your side will be there, when she's back in court next month. hamilton police say they have a homicide on their hands. hands.police say *christopher sandle junior* was shot at this home on millville avenue today.he later died at the hospital.police have not released any information about a possible suspect. this wreck was cleared in time for the evening rush.police say the truck, carrying diesel fuel, overturned on i-75 near i-275 in sharonville. some fuel did spill onto the highway.the driver went to the hospital with minor injuries. again - that scene is now clear. detained sailors headed for safety. safety.dramatic new images of sailors being caputured in developments from the white house - and why one
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a shake-up on the coaching staff. where hue jackson is headed after his stint with
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new details are emerging on the ten u-s sailors who were released from iranian custody. one of the sailors' two boats broke down and drifted into iranian waters yesterday. tonight - dramatic images of the moment when iranian forces
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the sailors with their hands on their heads. still secretary of state john kerry thanked the country of iran for its cooperation.there is criticism tonight - after a u-s sailor apologized on iranian t-v.some wonder if he was forced to do so... :01- :05"it was a mistake, that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake" mistake"the sailors are now being transferred to bahrain -- which was there planned destination. today the white house says there is no sign the sailors were mistreated. a man who brought pot brownies to springboro high school will not face jail time - but he did admit to the crime. edward *goschinski* ,now a graduate ,- admitted to letting three students and a teacher sample the brownies while he was still a student. he pleaded guilty to less serious charges. he remains free, but is subject to random drug testing. the business of saving lives. police in the tri-state say officers need to carry narcan. one kentucky chief tells 9 on
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have been saved. coach hue jackson snatched from the bengals coaching staff. we'll tell you which team offered him the top job. your seven day forecast is
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first in the tri-state. state.we are following breaking news in west chester at five - a teenager shot. let's get to dan carroll in chopper 9 live over the scene
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"the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in chopper 9." all new at five - kenton county police say its narcan program is working. working.narcan of course is used to save people who
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chief tells 9 on your side's tony mirones - every life saved is worth investing in this program. the program started in july. every ke nton county police officer carries narcan to help prevent heroin overdose deaths. spike jones/kenton county police chief"the folks that fall victim to an overdose don't often have the quick response in a more urbanized area."cheif jones explains, all officers are sworn to protect and serve, even if that means protecting us from ourselves.spike jones/kenton county police chief"that's a great way of really putting it, i mean we're in the business of saving lives. we're not in the business of judging lives but saving lives you know we're in a situation now that we realize that we're dealing with a terrible disease that's being fed by some pretty hanious folks dealing drugs."his officers have given the anti-opiate five times in piner, walton, covington and twice in independence.the drug helped four times.spike jones/kenton county police chief"i would have rather it
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everytime these divices were deployed. but im very happy that it worked four times for those folks that did get a second chance a recovery." there are folks that don't want the police to carry narcan the chief explained to me, sure these folks are addicted to heroin.they deserve a chance to get clean. spike jones/kenton county police chief"i think we have to look at these individuals as human beings and these are lives. and again, we save lives we don't judge them." tony mirones 9 on your side, independence another loss for the bengals... former bengals offensive coordinator hue jackson was hired today by the cleveland browns as the team's head coach. coach.jackson has been with the bengals since 2012. jackson earned some kudos this season for his work with quarterbacks andy dalton and a-j mccarron. bengals line-backer vontaze burfict says he wants a meeting with the n-f-l commissioner over this three-game suspension. burfict was suspended for safety violations in the playoff game against the
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says he plans to appeal the suspension. the suspension could cost burfict more than 500-thousand dollars if it's upheld. most of the day will be spent in the teens, with wind chills in the single digits. we'll see mostly sunny skies before a few clouds will wash over the area. here's the good
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rebound by tomorrow and friday, with highs in the 40s. friday will be a rainy day as an area of low pressure rides into the tri-state out of the
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failing to warn women about their cancer risk... risk... millions use baby powder for themselves or for their little ones.we'll tell you the danger - and the major company paying the price. a new way to cope with the labor pains.the tri-state hospital that will offer laughing gas to new moms.we're on your side with the benefits. new at 5:30.. a tri state man
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hundred dollars to an scammer while trying to sell his car online. consumer reporter john matarese is on your side to make sure this doesnt happen
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tonight in healthy living - johnson and johnson is facing a lawsuit for not warning women about the dangers of baby powder. powder.doctors estimate that talc-based baby powder is responsible for thousands of cases of ovarian cancer every year. a south dakota woman won a lawsuit after she sued johnson and johnson for her cancer diagnosis. a class action lawsuit is in the works now. we're on your side with how to lower your risk of cancer.look for powders with cornstarch instead of talc.most doctors will say not to use powder at all. other women are suing the lip balm brand "eos," saying it makes their lips feel like sandpaper. here's an ad for the popular lip product.users say it causes blistering, bleeding and cracked skin. according to dermatologists - some people may be allergic to the flavoring of beeswax. attorneys are looking for the
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women will soon have another option to cope with labor pains. pains.mercy health will begin offering nitrous oxide gas - also know as laughing gas - to new moms starting in february. it's the first hospital in the area. hospitals stopped using laughing gas when epidurals became popular in the 80's. but recently it's been making a return to the u-s. we're on your side with some benefits of laughing gas: doctors say it helps women relax more.women are able to get out of bed ... it's less expensive and most importantly, it's safe for the baby. the search for so-called guardian angels on i-74 is going viral...much more to come on 9 on your side at 5:30. here's anchor tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. it's a plea on facebook -- to find two men who rushed into the major winter storm pileup yesterday. yesterday.nine on your side told you about the "mystery man" -- commanding semis to stop -- and saving lives. tonight -- we're hearning
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and how close one woman is to finding her daughter's heroes. sound advice...dreaming of the billion dollar powerball jackpot?start making your plans now for how to spend that money.hear the advice of one billionaire -- and why you should say "no" to friends and family looking for some
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tonight -- thousands of folks trying to answer one tri-state woman's question...*who were* the men who helped save lives during the nasty pileup on i-74? i-74?and as nine on your side's jay warren shows us... a mother's plea to find those men is going viral. more than eleven thousand shares and counting--bev cochran posted this call for the internet to find two men she says saved her daughter's lifein the facebook post cochran writes of her daughter: "she had been hit, hit someone else and then a wall after doing a 180. two
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risked their lives to save
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